Monday, January 18, 2010

Portland, Ore. Bengal Brothers Need a New Home

Cago (the huskier one) and Levante are 2 Bengal cat brothers located in Portland, Ore. who are looking for a new home.

They have been loved and well cared for 7.5 years by their current owners Erin, Mike, and Lauren (age 4.5). They have all their shots and are neutered, have had regular checkups, etc.

The Dr. said today that Lauren's constant cold like symptoms are due to a severe cat allergy.

Both cats love people, children, and each other. They have never been around other animals.

We'd prefer to keep them together in a new home as they keep each other entertained by chasing each other and playing.

Please let us know if you are interested in adopting them at mherrick66 at

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  1. I am happy to recommend Cago and Levante to a loving new home. I've known them since they were kittens (actually picked them up at the cattery with Erin), and have always been a fan.

    Cago and Levante are real head-turners with beautiful shiny patterned coats. They are smart, cute, and playful - true people cats that are gentle and tolerant of children. I would take them myself in a heartbeat, but already have two guys of my own.